Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye summer - making of

Hello friends,
Today i have some intermediate steps for Aitheria my 
OC of the "Goodbye Summer" Theme.

This is the sketch of the illustration. I made it on normal copy paper with HB pencil cause 
later on i will use my light table to get a clean version of it. ^_^

This is the part where i .partially inked the whole character with Rohrer & Klingner
burnt Sienna Ink on Canson Montval Watercolor Paper.

I descided that the main concentration should be on the violin and the play with the
leaves so i choose a very high contrast to the character. :D

At last i have a little trick for you. Sometimes i work with the good old salt
on the areas wich are still wet to get nice color flows in the background.
The salt i use here is simple Effect Salt. You can get it in an average 
Drawing Shop.

After drying it should look like this. It is a very easy and nice
technique so just give it a try on your comming projects. ;)

Have fun

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Sil_Coke said...

Das Bild ist sooooooo mega schön geworden!!!
Echt wahnsinn, wie du das immer machst^^

heiseihi said...

thank you for explanation of the stages!
Its so beautiful! *_*

Every Girl has Fairytale♥ said...

Das ist wirklich Hammer! Superschön!
Liebe Grüße, Katie

Nao-Ren said...

Ein traumhaft schönes Bild!

Nashi said...


ich danke dir *__*

Nashi said...


thank you very much. I'm glad you like my stages.

Nashi said...

@ Every Girl,

Vielen lieben Dank ^__^
Ich freue mich wenn es gefällt.

Nashi said...

@ Nao-Ren,

wah, wie immer vielen Dank *o*

Anonymous said...

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