Monday, January 20, 2014

Juni watercolor workflow

Here I show you my watercolor workflow with Juni ♥
sketch: Pencil B(Faber Castell)
Ink/Outline: Rohrer & Klingner colored Ink, Maru-Pen (Deleter) 
color: Dr. PH. Martins concentrated watercolors, Colored pencils (Faber Castell)
Opaque white (Deleter)
Paper: Canson Montval watercolor paper
Canson Mi Teintes paper

Learn Manga: body proportions

Because some people have asked me about a body proportions tutorial.
So here it is :D  I descided for 2 or more parts
about body proportions and this first one should give an insight
of some basic knowledge. you know, first things first
Have fun and happy learning
More is coming soon. ;)