Friday, November 25, 2011

Sailor Specials: Work in Progress

Today i have some WIPs of the Sailor Specials for you. I'm working on the Sailor Specials parrallel to the regular Sailor Moon Fanarts. They are a bit different in the concept. For example there could be shown more than one character on the picture or some additional background etc. I hope you like the both ;) Have funnnnn, Nashi XD

Cya, Nashi *_*

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Work in progress Sailor Chibi Moon

Hi friends ^___^'
Today you can see some photos i took while
working on the Sailor Chibi Moon Fanart :D
If you want to take a closer look over my shoulder
just view my other entries where i explain
more into detail ;)

Cya, Nashi *_*


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Friday, November 4, 2011

Venus eye tutorial

Hi friends ^^

As promised welcome to my Sailor Venus eye tutorial.
I was bathing in work on the halloween  time so 
it got a bit late for the eye tutorial hope you
forgive me :___:'

For the concept of big shapes with a medium detail
level the eyes are also settled in that range to blend in
well with the overall look of the composition.

For good contrast i prepared thick lines with my Rohrer & Klingner 
colored Ink (turquoise) like you can see above. I spare out the inside
of the eyelid for further coloration while inking and  also the pupil.
See how i play with the thickness of the lines. It's getting thicker and 
darker where the lines come together. That provides a deeper illusion
of the eye itself so give it a try on your own projects. It's fun XD

For the first layer of the coloration i descided on a bright blue of my PH.
Martins and mixed them with water to get a very soft and light ground.
i add more color at the top of the eye to create smooth gradient here.
for the next layers the color stays the same.

 by taking less water on the brush the color gets stronger bit 
by bit and i can easily put layer over layer to work out the 
desired contrast.

When done i catch one of my Farbercastell colored Pencils 
with a darker value of the blue i used here and add even 
more depth under the eyelid area, the pupil and the iris.
Last but not least i add some additional highlights to suit the 
shojo and magical girl theme of the Sailor Moon Series ;)

If you have a airbrush you can easily make your own little
shoujo effect. just draw a star on a piece of paper and cut out 
the inside. Then place it over the big highlight of the eye 
and fix it with your hand while spraying the white color 
on it.  And voila the eyes are finished ^___^

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

WIP of Sailor Soldier und my Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolors

Here you can see the teaser of my next Sailor Soldier from Sailor Moon.
And i also added a photo of my *Dr. Ph. Martin's concentrated watercolors*
collection wich i use very often for getting bright and shiny colors for my
illustrations. ^___^
Perhaps you know which one of the Sailor Soldiers this is.  XD
For the outlines, i used Rohrer & Klingner colored ink.
Tomorrow i'll start with the coloring and will make some shots
for you as well.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sailor Venus Making Of

Hello everybody ^__^

Today i have some new intermediate stages ready for you of Sailor Vensu from
my Sailor Moon Fanart Series ;)

On the left side you can see the sketch. It is more worked out like i do usually,
but i tried to dive deeper into the volumes and shadows to see if the overall 
composition looks nice.  Then i worked with my light table to trace it onto
my Canson Montval Watercolor Paper. 

Here i put more contrast in certrain areas where lines come together!
it looks more realistic in the end and provides a better foundation for the
coloring. At the right side you can see the finished lineart. ^^

Now i'm ready to color. I usually begin with the skin because it's the easiest for
me and lets me get a deaper connection to the figure and the whole coloration.

Here you can see how i drew her hair. The Orange and the yellow give a nice
combination. It reminds me a bit of fire when i look at it. oO
I spare out highlights in certain areas. For the small or thin areas i use my
Dr. PH Martin Pen White later on, it is well covering and can be used like
ink. I love it ;)

While coloring i always concentrate on the color scheme. When you work on
one painting the whole time it can happen that you don't see mistakes any
more and loose the feeling what looks right or wrong. So it's also important to
take breaks to get your mind fresh and clear. :o
(For the eyes i have made some extra shots which will be uploaded in my
Eyes-Tutorial next week!!)  >_<'

Here you can see the last steps. The background was added 
with crayons, some retouching with pen white and setting additional
contrast in certain areas.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Juni Aceo Card Commission

 Hi friends,

Today i have some photos of me painting 
an aceo card commission of my characters
Juni, Sho (ur), Erik (mr) and Verdun (br)
of my manga "Sometimes she's the Light" ;)

here some steps while painting ^_____^'

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ACEO Card - making off

This evening, i have another little tutorial for. I made this comission
ACEO Card for -Suika_ from
First, i made a sketch of the scene setting on normal copy paper.
Secondly i do the sketch on watercolorpaper with Faber Castell pecil
Thirdly, inking the lines with burnt sienna ink from Rohrer  & Klingner.
I erase the pencil lines and then i begin
to color the lines.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye summer - making of

Hello friends,
Today i have some intermediate steps for Aitheria my 
OC of the "Goodbye Summer" Theme.

This is the sketch of the illustration. I made it on normal copy paper with HB pencil cause 
later on i will use my light table to get a clean version of it. ^_^

This is the part where i .partially inked the whole character with Rohrer & Klingner
burnt Sienna Ink on Canson Montval Watercolor Paper.

I descided that the main concentration should be on the violin and the play with the
leaves so i choose a very high contrast to the character. :D

At last i have a little trick for you. Sometimes i work with the good old salt
on the areas wich are still wet to get nice color flows in the background.
The salt i use here is simple Effect Salt. You can get it in an average 
Drawing Shop.

After drying it should look like this. It is a very easy and nice
technique so just give it a try on your comming projects. ;)

Have fun

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sailor Jupiter Intermediate Stages

Hi friends,

i have some new intermediate stages for you of my Sailor Jupiter Fanart ^____^'
If you want more details you can visit my Sailor Merkur and Sailor Mars Blog entry ;)

On the left you can see the sketch done with HB Farbercastell Pencils. Then i used my light tableto trace it.

Here you can see the final inked version of my Sailor Jupiter. I used colored Rohrer & Klingner Ink ;)

some little steps of the coloration so you can see how the unfinished work looks at this stage.

the coloration and the shading is done so i can concentrate on the background now.

here you can see me adding some crayon and smurge it with a piece of kleenex.

You can view the full sized image of Sailor Jupiter here ;)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nadja 3

Hmm, i think Nadja is very sexy on this illustration.
I love the color of her skirt.

Nadja 2

Step 2 of Nadja from my manga

The lines are finally finished ;)
Nadja is one of the main characters of my manga and is one of the best friends of Juni. She is very girlish and always looks out for the boys >_>

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


In the next days, i will upload this Nadja illustration on devianart.
I'm inking with burnt sienna on Canson paper right now. ;)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Intermediate Stages of Sailor Mars "Rei"

Hi friends ;) 
I'm back with some stages of the Sailor Moon series of Naoko Takeuchi. ;)
For a better match with my other sailor fanarts i descided to think out a suitable color scheme that has a glow effect to emphasize the "magical girl" theme. So i took red, purple and pink for the colors of rei and a warm breeze of yellow and orange in the flames to give a good contrast and some additional brightnes. For bright and strong colors i only could recommend the Dr. PH. Martins concetrated Watercolors. They definetly rock ^_^'!

Like you can see in my first steps for the lines i used Rohrer & Klingner Ink - scarlet, purple violet and umber - to avoid getting too much contrast with the lines. The intention is to let the coloration create the depth later on, so i break up the lines in places where the light is more intense!

The first stages of the coloration with the Martins Colors are applied very smoothly. You can't see very much color at the beginning but in the end it will pay off for sure. The more layers of color you add the more you concentrate on the shadow and the darker areas. Often you can use the same color mixed with some water up to the pure umixed color to create the main part of the shading.

After finishing all the parts of the painting with the base colors i choose a second color for some parts to get a more glowy effect. therefore i mixed some blue with the purple of the hair and some pink in the reds of her skirt.

The last step was the background . Like in the Amy Fanart i also use Farber Castell colored Pencils and crayons here to build some smooth flames. i didn't want to overact here because the main purpose of setting of the character requires to hold back with the details in the background.

The last finishing touches are the ones i like most. Here i can quit holding back and let my mind drift. i'm working on all areas alternately to keep the overall impression of the whole painting. Some students of my courses have asked me if i can give them a helpful advise to avoid making mistakes while painting. I alwasy laugh when i here this cause i also do mistakes all the time when i'm painting. I always say the same words to them. Put the fear away and have some fun. The feeling and the love you put in your work are the things that count in the end ;)


Friday, September 23, 2011

Making of Sailor Merkur with Watercolors

Hi friends ;)
Like promised here are some intermediate stages of my Sailor Merkur fanart. I also used the Dr. PH. Martins concentrated watercolors that are often used from famous japanese shoujo mangaka. They are well known for their intense colors and warm touch. i personally love to draw with them. For the background i used Jaxell pastels ;)
Have fun ;)