Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ACEO Card - making off

This evening, i have another little tutorial for. I made this comission
ACEO Card for -Suika_ from www.animexx.de.
First, i made a sketch of the scene setting on normal copy paper.
Secondly i do the sketch on watercolorpaper with Faber Castell pecil
Thirdly, inking the lines with burnt sienna ink from Rohrer  & Klingner.
I erase the pencil lines and then i begin
to color the lines.

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Nashi on Animexx


Sil_Coke said...

Das Mädchen hat ja ein super süßes Gesicht!
Ich sehe jetzt schon, die Karte wird echt super...
*gespannt auf die fertige Version bin*

Nashi said...

Hehe, vielen Dank.
Das klingt ja schon mal gut ^^

Mulle said...

Oh, die habe ich ja noch gar nicht gesehen, dabei sieht sie so schön aus! der Hintergrund gefällt mir total klasse!!!

Nashi said...

Wow, ich freue mich, das dir diese Karte gefällt ^^

Fotty said...

Galip Tekin (a Turkish comic artist who's really popular over here) showed me once a great way to get a sketch on to watercolour paper, and I constantly use it because it's so practical.
You draw normally on a paper of your chosing and ink it. Then you photocopy the inked picture on to water colour paper. It sounds a bit absurd, but you can barely tell the difference! Try it out ;D I use it all the time now. It's great because you can keep the original, and if you mess up the watercolour you can just photocopy it again :D

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