Sunday, December 2, 2012

shoujo background with pastel crayons

today i have a special tutorial for you.
I show you how i made shoujo backgrounds with pastel crayons.
I show you my secret trick on my new Sailor Moon Fanart.
You don't need an Airbrush for these techniqe.
Only a dry brush, lace doily and crayons.
Step 1:
Put the lace doily on the want area and color the lace doily blue.
Step 2:
use a dry brush to distribute the crayon particle on the paper.
Step 3:
remove the lace doily and the effekt is finish.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Work with screentones

i have this new screnntone tutorial fou you.
I will show show you how i work with traditional screentones.
Step 1: Put the screentone in the want area.
Step2 : Push the screentone with a tone hera.
Step 3: cut away the screentoone wich you don't want.
Stepp 4: remove the rest of the tone.
Step 5: cut away the other screentone stuff.
Step 6: And now he is finished ^___^

I hope this little tutorial will help you for better working with screentones.
This page is an part of my "Manga Sometimes she's the Light".
Have fun,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sailor Saturn work in progress

Hello friends,
long time no see. Today i have some work stages
of my next Sailor Moon fanart for you. Sailor Saturn. She is my favourite
Sailor Soldier. I think she have great colours.
First step: i draw the sketch.
Step two: inking the lines with purple drawing ink.
step three: paint the skin color.
And then the rest.
I hope you like it ♥

Sunday, May 6, 2012

traditionaly manga illustration tutorial

Hello friends,
i created a watercolor tutorial for you. Its from my Sailor Neptune fanart.
I show you my practise in 11 step.
This illustration is made with Dr. Ph. Martin's concentrated watercolors.

Step 1: I produce a sketch from my imagination with pencil on sketch paper. This helps me for the later picture to make highlights and deeps.
Step 2: inking the lines with different ink colors which who look nice with the color sheme. The inks are waterproof. I use it from "Rohrer & Klingner". To trace my sketch onto the watercolor paper, i use a light table. Because, if you do the sketch on your watercolorpaper and to raze out, you destroy the structure.
Step 3: Let's start with the skin colour. I ground the skin tone areas and make first highlights and shadows.
Step 4: using darker skin tones to make deeper schadows and gradiants on her neck, arms, eyes and legs. Now, we are finishe'd this working step.

Step 5: In this step we ground the blue areas. I mix a blue color with a little bit green. This gives me a lovely bright color tone.
Step 6: Now we ground the blue ribbon. In every color illustration, i begin with the big areas and work to smaller aeas.
Step 7: Our grounded areas need schadows. In multi-steps i paint with darker blue toones the deep fields. This gives the illustration a vivid and lively expressive.
Step 8: Her body and gloves need paint too. Because i think only grey is boring i mix a blue and a red color tone and receivid. a nice color grey.
Step 9: adding paint to her mirror and the diadem.
Step10: Sailor Neptune is finished. Now have to paint the background. For this step we need colour crayons (blue, green and purple) and a soft tissue to mix them. I paint wit the crayons on selectet fields and blur them with my tissue.
Finally step 11: At last, let's make effekts and shoujo sparkles.
We requie opaque white and a smal brush to splash it on the paper! ^__^

Friday, April 6, 2012

Colorillustration Tutorial

Hello friends and happy Easter.
Today, i have a tutorial
from my manga Sometimes she's the Light  for you.
Step1: is the sketch. Step2: inking the lines
with different ink colours. Step3: painting the foreground
with Juni and flowers with watercolours. Step4: i masking the girl
and the flowers with masking sheet and painting the background
with acryl and gouache.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

WIP of Sailor Soldier und my Rohrer & Klinger drawing inks

Here you can see the teaser of my next Sailor Soldier from Sailor Moon.
And i also added a photo of my *Rohrer & Klinger drawing inks*
collection wich i use very often for inking my lines for my
Perhaps you know which one of the Sailor Soldiers this is.  XD
For the outlines, i used Rohrer & Klingner colored ink.
Tomorrow i'll start with the coloring and will make some shots
for you as well.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Work in progress - my manga

Hi friends,

today i show you some photos working with screentones
on my Manga "Sometimes she's the Light."
First inking the lines and colour black areas.
Second i work with screentones and make the background
with  large gradient. Thirdly cutting non screentone
areas with a cutter.