Sunday, May 6, 2012

traditionaly manga illustration tutorial

Hello friends,
i created a watercolor tutorial for you. Its from my Sailor Neptune fanart.
I show you my practise in 11 step.
This illustration is made with Dr. Ph. Martin's concentrated watercolors.

Step 1: I produce a sketch from my imagination with pencil on sketch paper. This helps me for the later picture to make highlights and deeps.
Step 2: inking the lines with different ink colors which who look nice with the color sheme. The inks are waterproof. I use it from "Rohrer & Klingner". To trace my sketch onto the watercolor paper, i use a light table. Because, if you do the sketch on your watercolorpaper and to raze out, you destroy the structure.
Step 3: Let's start with the skin colour. I ground the skin tone areas and make first highlights and shadows.
Step 4: using darker skin tones to make deeper schadows and gradiants on her neck, arms, eyes and legs. Now, we are finishe'd this working step.

Step 5: In this step we ground the blue areas. I mix a blue color with a little bit green. This gives me a lovely bright color tone.
Step 6: Now we ground the blue ribbon. In every color illustration, i begin with the big areas and work to smaller aeas.
Step 7: Our grounded areas need schadows. In multi-steps i paint with darker blue toones the deep fields. This gives the illustration a vivid and lively expressive.
Step 8: Her body and gloves need paint too. Because i think only grey is boring i mix a blue and a red color tone and receivid. a nice color grey.
Step 9: adding paint to her mirror and the diadem.
Step10: Sailor Neptune is finished. Now have to paint the background. For this step we need colour crayons (blue, green and purple) and a soft tissue to mix them. I paint wit the crayons on selectet fields and blur them with my tissue.
Finally step 11: At last, let's make effekts and shoujo sparkles.
We requie opaque white and a smal brush to splash it on the paper! ^__^